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November 30th, 2020 by

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15 Year Work Anniversary

November 25th, 2020 by

Tomorrow will mark my 15th year staying in Singapore, which happen to be my wedding anniversary as well. Following my husband to stay in Singapore was the tough decision to be honest, I had to start everything from zero, including my food styling career. So many things has happened during this fifteen years which am grateful and thankful. 

Now I’ve been in Food and Beverage industry for more than two decades, it’s surely give me a lot of sweet and sour experience, just like my favorite Thai Mangoes. I still remember I sent my portfolios to many photographers and magazines, that’s how I know how I can start. For one whole year, I had only few projects and I used most of my time in the afternoon to hop around food places in Singapore, mostly hawker center, to try local delicacies and wrote my review at night in my food blog. Am smiling now remembering those days. 

Until Singapore Women’s Weekly Magazine and Food and Travel Magazine became my regular client and my days are filled with recipe development, recipe writing and photo shoots. Then few photographers started to notice my works, slowly projects started to come. My turning point when a local TV station interviewed me and covered my story as a food stylist and they aired the series  for two years then advertising companies noticed my works until today. In between, some other media has covered my journey as food stylist as well. My Grandfather Story, Lianhe Zanbao, Cleo Magazine and local universities.

My clients gradually grows from McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway, Haagen Dazs, Magnum, and other food giants. As the responsibility and challenge growing bigger, It forced me to give different thought and effort  in working on different things every time, that’s what motivated me in every projects. 

I like sourcing and researching for the ingredients and experimenting it in my kitchen. I failed many times, but I learned many times, too. I’ve learnt something in that failure moments and at the end when I got the formula right, I felt like I conquered the project and it gave me certain satisfaction and achievement. Those things built me of who I am today as a person. Perseverance, resilient, never give up, thinking outside the box and won’t take can’t easily. Those experiences made me grow as a person. 

I created this blog to be a diary of my life as Yuli Maria, that’s not only a food stylist but also my passion about cooking, baking, my family and people surround me. The life that I juggle every single day. I hope you enjoy it!